Nashville Cottage Garden

Step into the English Countryside with our picturesque English cottage gardens and discover a fairy tale setting for your photo shoot. Our garden paths wind around the grounds, inviting you and your family to stop and smell the roses as you make a memory that will last forever. Our winding path is edged with an overgrown border of lavender, sweet peas, daisies, wallflowers, peonies, and old-fashioned roses. Our cottage garden is truly a paradise of scented flowers with rustic barns, vintage chairs and couches, and eclectic treasures nestled throughout the grounds, creating the perfect backdrop for photos for every occasion.

When you and your family arrive, you will be greeted by our blue cottage and gardens nestled on a hill in Franklin, TN. We will stroll together through the gardens and grounds, enjoying the scenery and making memories for your family for years to come.


History of the English Cottage Garden:

The charm of the English Cottage Garden is its bountiful array of bright, exuberant florals tumbling around quaint garden paths. With its roots in the Elizabethan era, English gardeners grew medicinal plants such as violets, rhubarb, and the bay laurel, as well as fruits and vegetables. As wealth grew, gardeners began to plant lush flower beds full of sweet williams, hollyhocks, fritillary, lilies, and many other brightly colored, flowering plants. Over time, English cottage gardens grew to become a quintessential part of English culture in the countryside.

Flowers in the traditional English cottages gardens were brightly colored and beautiful, but needed to be hardy enough to survive with little attention. In that era, English cottagers worked long hours in the fields each day and any free time was spent gardening and caring for edible plants such as vegetables and herbs. Thus, flowers were chosen based on toughness and planted close to each other to support one another and to suppress weeds. As a result, the cottage garden became known for its cheerful jumble of beautiful flowers without a speck of soil showing between them.

In the tradition of the English cottage gardens, our cottage garden offers an abundance of color and a jumble of scents tumbling around the quaint garden paths throughout the grounds. We invite you and your family to come out to our property in Franklin, TN and experience the gardens for yourself.