Nashville 1st Year

Every birthday is worth celebrating, especially the first one!

During the first year, your little one has opened their eyes for the first time, cried for the first time, and laid in your arms for the first time. This was the year of incredible first moments every day, from first time standing up, to first steps, to first haircut, and more! Now, it’s time to celebrate the first year of life with his or her one year old birthday photoshoot!

As part of birthday tradition, many families love to have their one year old smash a birthday cake to celebrate. There’s nothing cuter than a bit of icing on your little one’s nose as they taste their first birthday cake!

When you and your one year old arrive to our studio in Franklin, TN, you will find our blue cottage nestled on a hill surrounded by bright, luscious English cottage gardens and quaint walking trails. We have an indoor photography studio as well as antique chairs and treasures hidden throughout the grounds to create the perfect background for your one-year-old portrait. We cannot wait to celebrate with you and make this a fun birthday celebration for not only your one year old, but also the whole family!